“I’ll ask Janissary…”

We are pleased to present Janissary, a proprietary service line and professional designation for business advisors.  We provide accounting, analytic, and project management services, develop custom software applications and fill high-level contract roles within your organization.

We developed the Janissary concept in response to a variety of negative trends we observed in the economy.  Specifically, these are: excessive credentialism, off-the-shelf software “solutions”, networking, and buzz words.  With Janissary, we intend to bypass the shine and emphasize substance.  The world will always need bright people solving problems.  We are building a team of these, and soon we will be able to direct our resources toward your continued success.  We’re not beholden to any one method or software suite, and the only metric that matters to us is our sustained ability to deliver results.

More soon…